Premises must be left in clean rent ready condition as follows:


    • Carpets must be professionally cleaned to Landlord’s satisfaction (landlord requires a copy of the cleaning receipt). If you have pets the carpets must be deodorized as well.
    • All light fixtures and ceiling fans must be cleaned.
    • Windowsills, slide tracks and blinds cleaned.
    • Baseboards to be cleaned.
    • Walls/ Ceilings must be cleaned and free of dust or cobwebs. Any hole, which is left, that requires patching/spackling before painting (small nail holes do not require patching/spackling), you will be charged for. DO NOT touch up paint, you will be charged for sanding, retexturing and painting (or touch up painting) if it is necessary.
    • Sliding glass doors should be cleaned inside and out-including the tracks.
    • Clean all doors and jambs including front and back doors.
    • Clean all electrical covers, switched, and outlets.
    • Clean A/C filter return grill and make sure a new, clean filter is installed.
    • Clean out all closets (bedroom, hall, coat, linen, etc). Wipe down shelves.
    • Replace any and all missing or burnt out light bulbs.
    • Clean washer/dryer inside and out, around and under.
    • Clean any and all exhaust fans.
    • All lint must be removed from dryer to avoid additional charge for dryer vent cleaning.


    • Clean inside and outside of all cabinets and drawers.
    • Clean oven/stove inside and out. Clean or replace drip pans as needed.  DO NOT use oven cleaner on a self-cleaning oven, use self-clean option.
    • Clean refrigerator inside and out. Clean behind, around and under refrigerator.
    • Clean dishwasher and / or microwave-inside and out.
    • Clean oven exhaust hood inside and out including filter.
    • Clean countertops (polish stone/granite) & sinks including all sink fixtures and under sink area.
    • Clean, wash and mop floors.  Clean grout.
    • Polish stainless steel appliances.


    • Clean inside and outside of all cabinets and drawers.
    • Clean mirrors, medicine cabinets and all counter tops.
    • Clean and polish tub, shower, shower door and all fixtures. Remove hard water buildup.
    • Clean toilet inside and out including seat, lid, rim and base.
    • Clean, wash, and mop floors.
    • Clean towel racks and toilet paper holder.
    • Clean exhaust fan.


    • Sweep or hose down all patios, walkways and carports.
    • Remove oil stains from driveway and/or garage floor.
    • Clean door, door jamb, remote/switch covers and around water heater.
    • Mow and edge lawn, trim shrubs and eliminate any weeds.  Remove weeds/grass from rock/granite.  Raise canopy on trees.
    • Clean out storage areas/rooms including around and under washer/dryer.
    • Clean exterior light fixtures and under eave areas where needed.
    • All Pet droppings must be removed. Any other pet damage or evidence (holes, yard diggings, scratches, etc.) must be repaired or removed.  Evidence of unauthorized pets may lead to a pet fine, as per lease.
    • Empty both recycle and black garbage cans and place in garage or behind gate.

Remember, all personal property must be removed from the premises BEFORE you turn in your keys. Do not leave any belongings, trash, debris, or other items behind, or you will be charged for disposing of them. This list is meant as a guideline only; you can and will be charged for any work necessary to get the unit into rent ready condition.

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