Angela Reigns

Angela’s passion for Property Management was first ignited in 2006 while working for a company that owned and managed several multi-family housing complexes in the heart of Baltimore, MD. In her first year with the company, she was awarded the “Rising Star Award”. In her role, she often made first contact with Residents for the first time in front of a courtroom before trial. This experience helped her to understand the “personal side” of housing and property management and greatly impacted her approach when working with Residents.

Angela joined Arizona Property Brokerage in an administrative role in 2019 and quickly worked her way into her current position as Property Manager. Her industry credentials include Certified Residential Property Manager (CRPM) certification as well as her Arizona real estate license. Each day Angela asks herself one question, “If someone spent the day with you, would they come away thinking that you have the best job in the world?” To Angela, there is no better job for her. She finds the fast pace, complexity, and unexpected challenges push her both personally and professionally.

Angela feels that Arizona Property Brokerage, while small in comparison, is mighty in what we deliver every day to our Owners and Residents. Angela notes that the APB values include a dedication to the craft, the industry, and the staff’s overall wellbeing. APB encourages and welcomes ideas and solutions are welcome and even encouraged. In Angela’s words, “I truly do have the best job in the world!”

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