Why Property Maintenance & Rental Inspections Are Important for Your Phoenix Investment

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Maintenance is a vital part of your investment property, and we take it very seriously. We encourage tenants to notify us right away if there are any maintenance concerns or repair needs. Small problems like a dripping faucet can eventually lead to big problems like mold. Today, we’re discussing the importance of keeping your property maintained and inspecting it when you can.

Making Property Maintenance Easy

Often, owners and management companies charge tenants a service fee for turning in a maintenance request. We discourage this because we want to know right away if there’s a small maintenance problem with your property. Taking care of maintenance issues is important. It preserves your long term investment and keeps your tenants happy. Happy tenants pay rent on time and take better care of your property.

Vendor Relationships

Another way we protect your investment is by using licensed and insured vendors. This is important for your personal liability. Our vendors are also trained to pay attention to small things when they’re visiting your property and taking care of minor maintenance issues. It’s not uncommon for me to get a call from a vendor asking if the walls are supposed to be purple. This is a good way to stay on top of small issues that can become big deals.

Regular Landlord Inspections

Some tenants don’t understand what they are allowed and not allowed to do when they’re living in your rental home. This is why regular property inspections are so important for your rental property. Walking the property with your tenant and going through the regular maintenance items that are their responsibility, such as changing air conditioning filters, is a big deal.

Staying on top of your property and catching little things will save your money in the long run. Protect your investment by efficiently managing regular maintenance needs, encouraging your tenant to let you know as soon as something needs to be repaired, and regularly inspecting your home.

If you have any questions about property maintenance or Phoenix property management, please contact us at Arizona Property Brokerage.

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